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New designs & stock update!

As some of you know, every so often we like to have a bit of a play around with designs while testing colour combos & shades.

We wanted to share with you a little bit of behind the scenes of Karen creating new designs.

It's not always easy to completely tell what the new colour combos will turn out like.

As you can see in the photos above, these are vases in their raw state. Karen has thrown the vases on the wheel and allowed them to dry until they have firmed up a bit.

We decorate on leather hard clay before it's fired. When they clay is in this state, it's firm enough to hold but it's also quite brittle, so you have to be careful when handling them.

Before the clay is fired it's a greyish colour, also, the coloured slips (pigmented liquid clay) that we use to decorate aren't the colour they turn out to be when fired, so many changes occur before the finished product and this is why they don't always turn out to be what we imagined!

Glaze firing, kiln opening, ceramics
Opening the kiln

Two firings later; it's so hard wait until the kiln has cooled down enough to open and we hold our breaths (We are certain everyone in the pottery business does this!!) as we crack the door open to have a quick peek in to see how the firing turned out.

The opening of a kiln door can either bring gasps of excitement or tears and cursing!

Luckily for us, this was a good one!

After new pieces are made the next thing is photography, website update & a bit of showing off - which is this part!

Brand new Vases now available in our online pottery shop!

We have done a few stock updates over the last few weeks, so there are plenty of pottery gifts to be found in our online shop that are all 100% Irish locally made gifts woooo!

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