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New year, new pottery videos

Well hello there! We have lots to fill you in on... The year may have seemed like we started off quiet but in reality, we have been absolutely flat out! We wanted to start off strong with a game plan & a load of goals to tick off along the way!

So far we made a brand spanking new website (we hope you like it, feedback is always good!), took a truckload of photos, made a ton of pots, added in some new designs and made some pottery videos too, so you can see how it all comes together! Not a bad start we think!?

Shiny new website

Not only does it have a new look, but you will also now find our planters and home-wares now in our pottery shop. There will be a few more new pieces being added to it very soon, so keep an eye out.


We have also added in the Blog section a Community area - this allows you to become a member which will keep you updated, you can also comment on our blogs and even chat with other members. Our aim is to make our space interactive to allow us and others to share ideas, tips & tricks. If you like the sound of that click here and join us! We would like to hear what you want us to talk about and share with you, so make sure to comment.

Pottery videos

Whether you are a maker, someone looking to learn pottery or someone who just likes to see how things work, we want to share what it is we do - from our tools, studios, tricks on the wheel & decorating. We have started off with some fun snippets of videos, later we will be adding more detailed ones that will live on our YouTube Channel so you can watch it again. Want to see more of pottery wheel demos, decorating or something else? Let us know what you would like to see from us?

Our community and our YouTube channel are only new, so be patient while we fill them up but we would love you to help us get them going by having your say and interacting with everyone :)

As always, if you want to see what we are up to on a daily basis follow us on Instagram , our stories are always highly entertaining (we think lol!). We can't wait to hear back from you with what you would like to see or hear about!! Until then, stay cool!

Marz & Karen xx

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