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We are the makers!


It all started as a little idea we chatted about over two years ago as we strolled along the Bray to Greystones cliff walk, conjuring up ways to earn a bit of extra cash.

Being out in nature we find always helps you when a bit of creative thinking is needed. We brainstormed how to make something small to start with because, to be honest, we were both broke and it had to begin with the lowest costs possible.

MAKA Girls
Yep, this is what we look like coming up with amazing ideas!

What we began with was never our big dream but it was the starting point, our first step on the journey. Jewellery was the first thing we made, as you can make a lot with a little. It's funny to look back now and cringe! But a start is a start and that put the wheels in motion, which is why we wanted to share this with you and hopefully inspire someone just to go for it even when you know you can do better!

Honestly, our first markets were a flop! We would go back to the drawing board and change things around until we decided to go hell for leather and started making the things we always wanted to.

Making Coffee Cups
The designs we asked you to choose from

The design process was fun, we knew what we liked, our opinions aren't always the same so we put it to the people and let them decide. In fact, we do this when designing most things now.

The Maker

Like most makers, we have had to learn a lot along the way. What we didn't already know, we had to find out how to do it! We work full time at it and together we do all the making, product, packaging & graphic design, photography, website maintenance, social media marketing & sales! And not to forget research, a very important part on how to keep costs down!

Wow, that sounds like we've nailed this! If Only!!!! We are still figuring a lot of it out, we have both disasters and wins but we keep consistently working at it! We have gone from making things we'd rather not see again, to making ceramic tableware and planters that are in a growing number of shops.


If you want to know more, feel free to comment and ask questions! Or if you would like us to write about any of our processes let us know! Sign up to our Community to get in on the chat & stay up to date on our pottery blog.

Follow us @makaceramics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date with our daily hustle.

Until next time,

M&K xx

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