MAKA Ceramics, Studio, wildflower field, Kilkenny, Ireland


MAKA's Studio is nestled in a stunning wildflower field in the countryside of Kilkenny, Ireland. 

We like to spend just as much time out in the field as we do in the studio and as you can see, we have plenty of distractions!

During the Summer months there is nothing we love more than to bring our work outdoors, soaking in sights & smells of all the flowers surrounding us while the freshly thrown pots bask in the sunshine.

One of the many things we have in common is gardening and if you haven't guessed it already, we are both animal mad and would love to have our very own animal sanctuary!

In a nutshell, all the imagery below shows you who we are much better then we could ever explain.

*Thank you to our very loving and rarely patient but adorable furbabies who feature below and frequently are the stars on our Instagram -

Skye, Cleo, Bailey ,Ollie, Oscar, Buddy (cousin pup), Macy, Fluffy & Rocky

Dublin/Kilkenny - Ireland

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