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Hi, our name is MAKA & this is our first time...

Stand up and introduce yourself:

So I kinda feel like we are standing at the top of a room in front of loads of people watching and we have to do this really cool and interesting speech about ourselves ... and then one of us faints (*that would be Marz)!

The other half of this collaboration; Karen, even though she says she doesn't like doing those things has got the gift of the gab! Myself, on the other hand, would be the jibbering mess, saying that writing also has the same effect on me... so this is a great start! lol *wipes away tears.

But we wanna keep this real kids, so we gotta get through the scary stuff too!

MA v's KA

Get to know us:

Yes, we have no shame in saying we love cheesy movies & cheesy music, so our uncoolness makes us cool! Well, that's what we think!

We love to make & be creative, whether it be ​in the studio, kitchen, garden & even Karen with her Westies haircuts! (poor babies) ​This website & blogging malarky is very new to us as we are usually mucked up to the eyeballs and are banished to outdoor dwellings! Sure we haven't even mentioned anything about ceramics but we gotta leave something till next time ;)

"Little girls with dreams become women with vision" - here goes nothing!

So maybe this post won't be the most interesting but hopefully, you can tell that we like to get a little silly & you will want to see more from us... ​We want to talk about our inspiration, take you behind the scenes of our making, share with you our beloved playlists that takes us through the day singing loudly like mad women, maybe even let you in on our Snapchat karaoke battles... Oooops, think that one was supposed to be our secret. (Our rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by torchlight while locked in a tiny bathroom was epic!!!! Just say'in, Freddie would have been proud!) Back to the point, we want this blog to bring you into our lives, get to know what we do and watch as we take our ideas and make them real.​ ​So you'll hear from both of us, *thankfully I hear ye say! We like to do a bit of everything when we actually do get down to a bit of work.

​We would love to hear from you:

​We also want to get to know you! Chat to us, comment, tell us how we are doing!

Until next time lovelies xx

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