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Creating a design with MAKA Ceramics

Have you ever wanted to create your own design?

Well heres MAKA’s top tips in doing just that. Weather you’re a painter, sculptor, print artist or any kind of maker, the thought process of design is the same.

Irish ceramic designers - sketches

For us, creating a new design or idea for ceramics starts with a seed, an idea or desire for change!

Inspiration can come out of no where, an idea that you have carried with you for a while. Sometimes, its just not that easy and we have creative blocks, lets face it, we have all had those!!

This year, MAKA had a plan to create a new style/pattern/product. We weren't exactly sure what that would look like and honestly we never really talked about that much, we just knew we wanted to make it happen.

All we really knew was this, what was important to us as Irish Ceramic designers is that we wanted to keep evolving and growing.

Why we wanted to evolve & grow

We love what we do, but whats the fun in plodding along? Why not have fun, play & develop new ideas. Isn't that what being creative is all about?

Lets be real, the craft industry isn't for the faint hearted & it's not a career if you want to be rich.

It's creating a way of life where you make the decisions and work at your own pace, letting that creativity you were born with be free.

With all this in mind, we think its so important to keep finding enjoyment in the process, this is where creating new designs/products keeps everything interesting.

Here’s our top tips on creating a new design

Rules for creating a new design - Irish Ceramic designers

These are MAKA’s golden rules that we follow every time we are creating something new.

In our next blog we are going to talk about how to use this process in coming up with our latest range….

Until next time,

M&K xx

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