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Market ready, Our first market - Sunday markets in Ireland

Market ready, Our first market!!

Sunday markets in Ireland

MAKAs market display - Dublin market - ceramic jewellery

We just completed our first market at the home of many markets - Newmarket Square. Anyone out there selling craft or looking for displays knows how difficult it can be to find exactly the look you’re going for without costing a bomb. Myself and Marz have been thinking about our look for about a year before our first market. We had checked out different market stalls throughout the year in Dublin city for some inspiration.

Early on I had decided there was only one way of getting the right display we needed and that was to make it ourselves! So that's exactly what we did... nobody lost a finger or an eye or anything!!


The making of our display

If you're like us, you love to see behind the scenes, so we thought we’d share a few of our prep shots

I think these slate pendant stands are amazing, they took no time to make and the slate really compliments our colours. The metal is adjustable to different lengths and quantities of chains.

The stands provided the height that we needed to display our pendant boxes. These were made with scraps of wood we had. I started by sanding them, then I used a chalk paint in a dark colour that compliments the slate stands. Above you can see an image of the wooden display we use for our display at Brookwood in Santry.

These ring cones were probably my favourite part of the display to make! I just used cement, plastic and a template to grow to the size needed or shrink it down. Super easy!! I guess, it was a bit of work to make all the different elements of the display and we’re still working on some new ways of displaying our jewellery but it really does make it all come together at the end. Now we are ready to take on all the Sunday markets in Ireland!!

MAKA ceramic rings - Irish ceramics - jewellery
Coming up:
A Fabulous Market - Saturday May 5th - 12-6pm - The George bar South great George's street, Dublin. New Market Collective - Sunday May 6th - 11am-5pm - The Green Door Market 18 Newmarket, Dublin 8 Until then you can shop with us online - Subscribe & keep up to date with all our news and blogs!
Please share & help us grow,
Hope to see you soon xx

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