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Tropical home-wares inspired by the modern Urban Jungle

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Tropical home-wares inspired by the modern Urban Jungle

Summer in the studio

Pottery studio Kilkenny - pottery production

*Kilkenny studio

Summer has come and gone again, it seems so quickly! It treated us both to adventures in faraway places, also we are grateful for the unusually long weeks of strangely warm days at home too! These months for makers though isn't just about the delights of the extended bright days, we have to start thinking about preparing for something that nobody wants to think of at this time of year... Christmas, which is our biggest season. We have been busy planning, designing & applying for markets in the preparation for it all. Even though we started off with jewellery, we had always planned to expand with other products. With our imaginations bursting with ideas, a lot of refining and pairing back was needed. This is where you lot came in...

Instagram stories saved us!