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Tropical home-wares inspired by the modern Urban Jungle

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Tropical home-wares inspired by the modern Urban Jungle

Summer in the studio

Pottery studio Kilkenny - pottery production

*Kilkenny studio

Summer has come and gone again, it seems so quickly! It treated us both to adventures in faraway places, also we are grateful for the unusually long weeks of strangely warm days at home too! These months for makers though isn't just about the delights of the extended bright days, we have to start thinking about preparing for something that nobody wants to think of at this time of year... Christmas, which is our biggest season. We have been busy planning, designing & applying for markets in the preparation for it all. Even though we started off with jewellery, we had always planned to expand with other products. With our imaginations bursting with ideas, a lot of refining and pairing back was needed. This is where you lot came in...

Instagram stories saved us!

Mugs were the first items on our long list to be created. Both of us had different ideas (yep, we don't always agree) of how we would like them to look, for aesthetics, usability, the comfort of the overall shape and then the same for the handles. After we hashed them out, Karen (mind reader (as in mine) & clay whisperer) then sat at the wheel and narrowed them down to a selection of six.

Pottery studio Kilkenny - mug design

*The choice

We both definitely had our favourites which differed, so we decided to put it to the people! Instagram stories were loaded with images of the different shapes and we asked you to judge them! It was very interesting to see who chose what and the votes chose a clear winner.

Pottery studio Kilkenny - greenware mug design

*The winners

Well, that was easy... thanks guys! We didn't have to kill each other in the end! ;) Joking!!

Irish ceramics - bisqued coffee cups
*decorated unglazed bisqued tropical mug

Irish pottery - ceramic tropical coffee cups

Irish pottery - ceramic tropical coffee mugs
*finished tropical mugs
Tropical planters for your urban jungle

Next on our design list were squared planters - this came from our love of plants and gardening, so it just felt natural to add them in. The design seemed to happen automatically, they were all lined up and a tropical urban jungle painted itself, slathering black slip onto our pots, they seemed to etch themselves little leaves and lines carved into the unfired clay. Not to forget the tropical fish too, just for fun!

Irish pottery - designing planters - bisqued pots

*unglazed bisqued decorated tropical planters

Irish pottery - tropical fish ceramic planters

*Finished glazed tropical fish planter

Let us know what you think of our Tropical Planters! :) Keep an eye on our shop as these tropical urban jungle babies will be live soon - Also make sure to give us a follow on Instagram to keep up with our antics & any announcements on stories! As always, feel free to give us a shout and/or let us know what you think about what we do, we love to hear your feedback!

Until next time xx. `

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Feb 18, 2019

One of my favourite mugs - I use mine everyday :)

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